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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chicago Field Trips

Hey students, would you like to produce your very own live production news show? Do you have lots of school news to share? Go to your teacher and tell them you want to put together a field trip to Smart TV Studios, where you will get to participate in an "Interactive Studio Tour".

When your class arrives, you will first have the opportunity to watch real actors and actresses, along with the producers, directors, cameramen, and stage crew producing an live "Smart TV news show"

After the show, you will work with the Smart TV crew, to develop your own "School News" show. Then back into the studio where those of you who want to be in front of the camera will have your parts, and those of you who want to be behind the scenes producing, editing, or stage hands. Everyone gets an awesome experience to take back to school and share with everyone! 

It is our mission to encourage people to reach for the stars! By providing an opportunity to experience any one of these potions in the production world, those aspiring to be a part of the Arts, and Film production will know first hand where this career can lead. 

Hurry call now to book your "Interactive Tour" at Smart TV Studios!

Click here to book your trip.

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