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Smart TV Stars and The American Institute of Sindhuolgy

Have joined forces to support the movement for non-violence. Dial Gidwani is the founder of  the American Institute of Sindhulogy. Go to Dial's website to learn more about this movement.

Here is where we will update you to this movement and what is taking place in Chicago to increase the exposure for non-violence, while we pursue building a curriculum that offers educators the opportunity to start teaching the new students of today, so the class of 2029 will see no violence.

We want the class of 2029, to feel free and safe walking to and from school. We want this class to know and understand their are other alternatives to killing each other.

We hope to encourage our local and state leaders to see the value of teaching our children when they begin school. A daily lesson teaching the skills to manage anger, and respect others. Teach children their are boundaries, with peaceful resolution.

Soon you will see the Mayor of Evanston's message supporting this movement.

If you would like to join us in this movement, please go to and send us your information.

Beth Klobuchar
Executive Director/Founder
Smart TV Stars  

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